East Anglian Dulcimers   

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All the dulcimers that ever there were............


The name of this page reflects the title of the 1975 book about the dulcimer in the British Isles by David Kettlewell - 'All the Tunes that Ever there Were ...'. This publication along with his articles, a year earlier in the magazine 'English Dance and Song' entitled 'That's what I call a striking sound' (see below) encouraged a whole new interest in the dulcimer particularly in East Anglia.


"That's what I call a striking sound" - Part One pdf  (ED&S Vol. XXXVI No.2, 1974)


"That's what I call a striking sound" - Part Two pdf  (ED&S Vol. XXXVI No.3, 1974)


Below are all the East Anglian dulcimers currently on this site.

The total is now 48 (watch this space as the number increases).



Click on a thumbnail to see who owned, played or made each of these dulcimers

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