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John Harwood



At least three generations of the Harwood family worked as carpenters in Great Yarmouth throughout the 19th century. John Harwood (JH1), b.1802 had a son (JH2) and a grandson (JH3) both baptised John George, and a great grandson baptised John George William (JH4), the latter breaking with the family trade and becoming an engineer. The first three of these generations of John Harwoods lived and worked in The Rows, a network of exceptionally narrow streets, built within the medieval town walls. Although these streets contained some wealthy merchantís houses, by the 19th century they were largely inhabited by independent craftsmen and artisans, running their own small workshops and living and working on the same premises. From the census returns it looks as if the Harwood family moved around a bit within the Rows, which had been given numbers instead of names in 1804.

With three generations of carpenters, itís hard to pin down when the dulcimer would have been made, but it probably dates from between 1840 and 1890.

More details about the Rows in Great Yarmouth can be found here:


 Dulcimer made by John Harward (bought on ebay by John Howson)

     a      b

     c      d      e      f


     h          i      j

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Dimensions of this dulcimer


Photo descriptions & sources

a. John Harwood's dulcimer front (John Howson)

b. John Harwood's dulcimer back (JH)

c. John Harwood's dulcimer front (JH)

d. John Harwood's dulcimer corner (JH)

e. John Harwood's dulcimer bridges (JH)

f.  John Harwood's dulcimer sound hole  (JH)

g. John Harwood's dulcimer front edge (JH)

h. John Harwood's dulcimer stand (JH)

i. John Harwood's dulcimer side edge (JH)

j. John Harwood's dulcimer case  (JH)


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