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John Thomas 'Jack' Basham (1882 -1946)  & Vera Johnson (1907 -1991)


Jack Basham was brought up in Holt, North Norfolk in 1882 and worked as a carpenter, as did his father and brother. After a brief spell living in Nottingham around the turn of the century, he was back in Norfolk by 1907. In the 1930s he lived on Cromer Road, Sheringham and in later years on Wyndham Street, Sheringham, North Norfolk. He performed in a group which played in local pubs and clubs which sometimes involved dressing up in costume. There is photo of him playing guitar, and he made and played this dulcimer in c.1920s.


His daughter, Vera Johnson, married another carpenter, Walter Johnson, and continued to play her fatherís dulcimer. The photo above shows her playing at a Christmas party in 1985.

Her repertoire included popular song tunes and this list of tunes was in the dulcimer case when it was donated to Sheringham Museum in 2005 by Joyce Rowe (Jack Basham's grand-daughter and Vera Johnsonís daughter), who lived just along the coast in Weybourne until her death in 2013.


A dulcimer made and played by Jack Basham and then played by his daughter Vera Johnson.

Now in the collection at Sheringham Museum.














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Dimensions of this dulcimer


Photo descriptions & sources

Main photo: Vera Johnson playing the dulcimer.

a. Jack Basham's dulcimer front (John Howson)

b. Jack Basham's dulcimer back (JH)

c. Jack Basham's dulcimer front (JH)

d. Jack Basham's dulcimer stand (JH)

e. Jack Basham's dulcimer 'Vera' plaque (JH)

f.  Jack Basham's dulcimer bridges  (JH)

g. Jack Basham's dulcimer sound hole (JH)

h. Jack Basham's dulcimer decoration (JH)

i. Jack Basham's dulcimer decoration (JH)

j. Tuning keys  (JH)

k. Beaters (JH)

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