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Christopher  Self (1893-1976)


Christopher Self was born on 17th October 1893 in Norwich, where he worked variously as a plumber, glazier, painter and decorator. He played dulcimer, piano, banjo and mandolin with a repertoire of popular songs. In the 1930s he lived in the Mile Cross area of the city and would take the bus out to Aylsham, where Ernie Dale, the landlord of the Walpole Arms in the nearby village of Itteringham would pick him up in his car. Ernie kept a large market garden and sold his produce from a trailer on the back of his car in Mile Cross, so that may be how he first met Chris Self. The Walpole Arms was a lively place with lodgers during the week and Chris probably stayed over at the weekend: Ernie’s son Ralph recalled that he was a regular there, as he would often leave the dulcimer there until he returned the next weekend. In 1934, records state that Ernie Dale was fined 1/- for gaming. According to his daughter Bevra, this was betting 1d on how many pips were in a pumpkin, with the proceeds going towards a supper for all the regulars held in the large club room upstairs. Chris Self died in March 1976.

                                                                                                                                                                   Walpole Arms, Iteringham, 1936


A dulcimer own by Christopher Self in the collection at Stranger's Hall Museum in Norwich.














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Walpole Arms (

a. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (John Howson)

b. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)

c. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)


d. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)

e. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)

f.  Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)

g. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)

h. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)


i. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)

j. Christopher Self's dulcimer  (JH)

k. One of Christopher Self's beaters (JH)

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