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Ernest James Parnell (1892-1973)


Ernest James Parnell was born on 2nd May 1892 in the north Suffolk town of Beccles, the son of William Gray Parnell and Lucy (nee Bircham) who had both grown up in Bungay, where they were employed in the printing trade. William continued in this job when they moved to Beccles around 1887; in the early 1900s they lived in Newgate Street just down the road from Caxtonís Printers.

In 1919 Ernest married Louisa Turner and by 1941, they were living at 12 Gosford Road, Beccles. In 19** they moved to Heacham near Kingís Lynn.

Ernest was a master tailor who worked from home using a treadle sewing machine and his dulcimer is now owned by his grandson Lindsay Faulkner who remembered his grandfather playing it. Lindsay recalls that he would sit cross legged on the floor and play the dulcimer on his knees and his repertoire consisted mainly of hymns and wartime songs. He also played the mouthorgan but Lindsay didnít think he played outside the house.

Ernest Parnell died on 30th December 1972 in Heacham.

Ernest Parnell's dulcimer

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Photo descriptions & sources

a. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer front (John Howson)

b. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer back (JH)

c. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer detail (JH)

d. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer detail  (JH)

e. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer bridges (JH)

f. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer foot detail (JH)

g. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer soundhole  (JH)

h. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer sound hole (JH)

i. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer handle (JH)

j. Ernest Parnell's dulcimer case (JH)


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