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Recordings of Walter Jeary


In 1958 /59 Russell Wortley recorded Walter Jeary in Northrepps, Norfolk and his original recordings are now housed in the British Library's Sound Archive. His surname is given as Geary but from all other evidence it is Jeary. All recordings are copyright: Diana Hillman.


The list of tunes recorded are given as:

C777/8 S1 C13 Cock of the North
C777/8 S1 C14 Heel and toe polka
C777/8 S1 C15 Let the rest of the world go by / After the ball was over / Waltz from the Merry Widow / Daisy / [unidentified tune]
C777/8 S1 C16 [unidentified polka]
C777/8 S1 C17 Sheringham breakdown
C777/8 S1 C18 Hundred pipers (Rory O'More)
C777/8 S1 C19 Yarmouth breakdown
C777/8 S1 C20 They're all idle fellows that follow the plough [Man all tattered and torn]
C777/8 S2 C1 They're all idle fellows that follow the plough [Man all tattered and torn]
C777/8 S2 C2 Mary Ellen
C777/8 S2 C3 Barley Mow

C777/5 S1 C2 [unidentified tune]
C777/5 S1 C3 Covered wagon
C777/5 S1 C4 Knees up mother Brown
C777/5 S1 C5 Old Faithful
C777/5 S1 C6 Sweet violets
C777/5 S1 C7 Sailors hornpipe
C777/5 S1 C8 Cock of the North
C777/5 S1 C9 Manchester (Ricketts) hornpipe
C777/5 S1 C10 Manchester (Ricketts) hornpipe
C777/5 S1 C11 Yarmouth breakdown
C777/5 S1 C12 Road to the Isles
C777/5 S1 C13 Genevieve
C777/5 S1 C14 Farmer's boy

For further information follow this link to the British Library's 'Sound & Moving Image Catalogue'



type in - Russell Wortley in: 'and words or numbers' and Northrepps in: 'place'.



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Track: 7. Sheringham Breakdown
Track: 8. Sailorís Hompipe
Track: 9. Heel and Toe Polka
Track: 10. Yarmouth Hornpipe



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